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Your communication and customer service is above and beyond! And for the first time in year’s we are able to enjoy our outdoor space because the mosquito’s are gone! Thank you! Judy T., Amherst, NH

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this treatment actually worked. Been almost 2 weeks and we can still sit outside and enjoy the backyard. Have recommended you to many friends. George O., Nashua, NH

Works awesome! Sheilagh M., Barrington, NH

The product works, also, I like that they call ahead to make sure the time they’re coming is good for us. Marguerte R., Bow, NH

It works!!! Best mosquito and tick control money can buy. Justin D., Merrimack, NH

The Mosquitoes have reduced in population dramatically and we can sit outside without worrying about Mosquitoes or ticks. Tim is also a good guy to deal with and talk to if I had have a questions. Derek S., Concord, NH

I live adjacent to wetlands and storm runoff drains and always have had issues with mosquitoes. I called Mosquito Squad at the last minute for a party I was having. They arrived the morning of the party. The results were incredible. No mosquitoes as all, we sat at out in the evening until almost 10:00 PM with no issues at all. Stephen C., Northwood, NH

You’re VERY responsive to needs and the product works! Kurt S., Amherst, NH

Before we started using your services we we had to cover up from head to toe in order to take the dog out in the morning – now it shorts and a tee shirt. No more bugs! Bob H., Pembrooke, NH

My yard was infested with ticks before it was sprayed. I was pulling at least 4-6 ticks off my kids per week. Since being sprayed I have not pulled off one. I wasn’t so concerned about the Mosquitoes but it’s a definite bonus their population has decreased as well! I have already posted to Facebook how wonderful your service is and recommended it to friends who were considering ding it as well. Kate P., Litchfield, NH

Simple, easy, effective. Kathy M., Goffstown, NH

Reliable, friendly and effective. Great support and timely notices for treatment and affordable. Highly recommended!
Stephen S., Hooksett, NH

We haven’t been bothered by mosquitoes since we started the service & I feel safer knowing my kids won’t be harmed by disease carrying Mosquitoes or ticks. Greg D., Bedford, NH

The price was great, the scheduling was easy, the rep was nice and professional, the mosquitoes were completely gone! What’s not to like? Melissa H., Chester, NH

Product works great Tim is great to deal with. Will use for years to come thank you for giving me my yard back. Ryan S., Litchfield, NH

Mosquito Squad always lets me know prior to them coming out. My family and I live in a wooded area and for once have piece of mind. After the second application we were outside at night till 9pm with no worries. I only had one mosquito bite which is truly amazing in this area. We may look into there permanent solutions. Hopefully my neighbors will also use Mosquito Squad. Giuseppe S., Merrimack, NH

I did not realize how well Mosquito squad was working until I went over to my neighbors house last night and was attached by mosquitoes. I quickly walked back into my Mosquito free yard. Joyce G., Pelham, NH

Service is on time and professional. Although we have rain almost daily, I can actually go outside this year after dusk! Kimberlee B., Hollis, NH

The effectiveness of the service has been impressive. Chris T., Deerfield, NH

It is nice to enjoy the outside without being attacked by bugs! The treatment is very effective and I have been pleased with the results of no mosquitoes! Sandy A., Merrimack, NH

I love how informative the website is and how knowledgeable and friendly the people who come to spray are. I have seen a major difference in only 1 spray application. Elana S., Nashua, NH

Prompt, excellent communication, courteous, and always a job well done. It unexpectedly rained after one of my treatments and they came back the next day to treat again without questioning it. Enough said!!! Jon L., Hudson, NH

I like the effectiveness of the product and that mosquito squad informs us of when they are coming here, but also , we can change their date if we have a reason for not wanting them on a certain day. Marguerte R., Nottingham, NH

I haven’t seen 1 tick or mosquito since they started coming.
Christina F., Pelham, NH

You are reliable and no mosquitos, no ticks. Karen L., Auburn, NH

Customer service is top notch. The service provided exceeded my expectations! Even during struggles with weather issues, Mosquito Squad made sure our yard was treated to our satisfaction. They are a pleasure to work with – very professional. Dot S., Pembrooke, NH

We love that we are not getting bitten by mosquitoes, and we don’t have to worry about ticks on us or our dog. We very much like that Tim is very businesslike yet friendly, and he’s here when he says he’ll be here. Which reminds me, I want to call for another yard spray! Anita D., Bedford, NH

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