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All Natural Mosquito Control

Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire, the area’s trusted provider of mosquito and tick control solutions for homes and businesses, offers an effective mosquito control treatment to eliminate mosquitoes. What you may not know is that we also offer an all-natural mosquito spray that safely repels these pests using only natural, organic ingredients.

How the All-Natural Treatment Works

Our Mosquito Squad Barrier Protection Treatment is a botanical infusion of essential oils that when applied, is absorbed into the environment within a few hours. The Barrier Protection Treatment eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact, acting as a repellent for up to 14 days. This all-natural treatment works best when applied to mosquito nesting areas, which are found most often in moist areas and those with standing water.

Long Lasting Treatment

Don’t let a mosquito control company tell you that their treatment is full proof. Nature is powerful and unpredictable. Our all-natural mosquito control product provides a 70-75% reduction in the current mosquito population.

The All-Natural Process

By avoiding synthetics, Mosquito Squad helps to ensure the longevity of the planet. It is more important than ever to use organic as a way of protecting the integrity of our groundwater, oceans, and soil. Organic pesticides also reduce the risk of disease caused by the exposure to chemical pesticides such as neurological disorders, Parkinson’s, and leukemia.

Your Mosquito Squad Technician

Professional treatment of mosquitoes is the best way to take proactive steps towards controlling mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are resilient insects that often carry dangerous vector-borne diseases. Our all-natural mosquito control should be applied every 14 days, while our Barrier Protection Treatment for mosquitoes and ticks, should be applied every 21 days. Season-long mosquito control is highly recommended by Mosquito Squad for optimal protection.
It is not necessary for you to be home during our treatments. Mosquito Squad will notify you in advance about an upcoming appointment as well as provide documentation of our having been there.

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